2020 Black Friday/Winter Bundle Up Promotion!

November 27, 2020 to January 23, 2021

Welcome to the Richway Winter Bundle Up 2020 promotion. When you spend a certain amount of money on your Biomat, you will receive a certificate you can redeem for a free Richway product.

Promotion details

  • Promotional items do not ship with the order.
  • A redemption coupon with instructions will be emailed to you approximately two weeks after your order. The promotional item is free but shipping needs to be paid on on the promotional item.
  • Coupon expires three months after issuing.

Purchase of $700

Recieve your choice of:

  1. 1 bottle of Detoxi Salts ($120)
  2. Waterproof cover – Germanium Power Pad mini size ($80)

Purchase of $1500

Receive your choice of:

  1. 3 bottles of Detoxi Salts ($250 value)
  2. Aroma Stand ($200 Value)
  3. 2 Waterproof covers – Germanium Pad Mini ($160 value)
  4. Waterproof cover – Germanium Pad professional size ($150 Value)

Purchase of  $2000

Receive your choice of:

  1. Quantum Energy Pad Pro ($400 Value)
  2. Waterproof cover/Germanium Pad Pro & Aroma Stand ($350 Value)
  3. Waterproof cover/Germanium power pad Single size ($250 Value)

Purchase of $3000

Receive your choice of:

  1. The NEW Richway Bamboo Silk Comforter
  2. Germanium Pad Single & Aroma Stand ($450 Value)
  3. Germanium Pad Queen ($350 Value)
  4. Amethyst Pillow ($350 Value)


Receive your choice of:

  1. The NEW Richway Bamboo Silk Comforter & Biomat Aroma Stand
  2. Germanium Pad King & Aroma Stand ($600 Value)
  3. Germanium Pad Queen & Aroma Stand ($550 Value)
  4. Amethyst Pillow & Aroma Stand ($550 Value)

Promotion terms

Shipping charges will apply. Import fees may be assessed based on the full retail value of the stand for Canadians.

For International shipping rates, email [email protected] with the full shipping address to receive a quote. Import fees may be assessed based on the full retail value of the stand.

Customers who have reached the specified order total on a single order will receive a coupon to redeem a promotional item from the list of eligible items approximately two (2) weeks after ordering. All promotional items will be boxed and shipped separately.

Shipping charges apply for all promotional items. Promotional Items shipped outside of US and Canada are subject to customs, Duty Tax, VAT, brokerage fees, and other additional fees.

Purchases of a Biomat Professional with $100 discount are eligible to be counted towards the promotion.

Frequently asked questions

1) Will the promotional item(s) be shipped with the order? How do I claim my promotional item(s)?

No, the redeemable promotional item(s) will not be shipped with the order. Once the order has been processed, a certificate to redeem the free item(s) will be generated and emailed to the customer two (2) weeks following the week ending date. The certificate will have a list of the eligible promotional items that the customer can choose from.

Customer is responsible for shipping and handling charges and any additional shipping fees.

2) What is the expiration date of the special coupon?

The expiration date is three (3) months from the issue date.

3) Is expedited shipping available for promotional items?

Yes, expedited shipping is only available within the US. The expedited price list can be accessed by emailing [email protected]

4) Can I return or exchange the free promotional items? Are the winter bundle bonus promotional items covered under warranty?

All winter bundle bonus promotional items are “all sales final” and cannot be exchanged for other items, unless damaged or defective. Please refer to the Product Warranty Policy Guide which can be found here.

Shipping cost

  • Biomat Pillow – $30
  • Quantum Energy Pad – $30
  • Biomat Aroma Stand – $30
  • Waterproof cover/Germanium Power Pad  – $20
  • Dextoxi – $10
  • Alpha Max 3.5 – $10