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Do you qualify for a $100 discount off the price of a Biomat 7000mx Professional?

Please note this discount applies only to the purchase of Biomat Professional, and not Biomats of any other size or other Richway products. The Biomat Professional dimensions are 27.56” by 74” and perfectly match a standard massage table. Included in the price are a travel case and a padded 100% cotton cover. The Biomat is a recognized US FDA Medical Device: 2954299

Training in the health care field

Training in health care field can include various modalities, from short training sessions in essential oil treatment to more involved training such as acupuncture or massage, or even a medical degree. Health care professionals include chiropractors, RMTs, crystal healers, acupuncturists, nurses, or others who work in the health field and have certification of their training.  If you have a license to treat clients in a healing session, you may be eligible for this discount. Depending on your license, we will be able to verify it online from a link you provide or you can email a picture or scan of your license or diploma. If you are not sure whether your training qualifies you for a $100 discount, please contact the Biomat Shop at 1-855-324-6628 and we will be happy to help.

Because the Biomat is a US FDA Medical Device, you can prescribe them to your patients. As well, many insurance companies and Workers’ Compensation will cover the cost of medically necessary prescribed Biomats.

First responders

First responders offer an essential and valued service. If you work in law enforcement, are a firefighter, or EMT or paramedic, send us your license number or email a photo of the relevant documentation so we can apply your $100 discount at purchase.


Veterans who are United States residents always qualify for the $100 discount. When you order, select the lower price ($1850) when adding the Biomat Professional to your shopping cart.

We accept any of the following documents, which you may send at your convenience following your order: DD Form 214, WE AGO 53, WE AGO 53-55, NAVPERS 553, NAVMC 78PD, or NAVGC 553.