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No other infrared mat on the market has FDA medical device approval or the certification levels of the Richway Amethyst Biomat. Your health and safety are the top priorities of Richway and Fuji Bio. U.S. FDA Medical Device 510K Number: K072534

List of certifications

1. FDA Approved Medical Device #2954299
2. Verification by Registrar Corp that the FDA registration is valid
3. FDA 510 (k) Medical Device Approval
4. Authenticity of GEM QUALITY amethyst used in all Biomats
5. Better Business Bureau: Liability Report:
No customer complaints in the last 3 years
6. Award from the United Nations.
7. Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Award (they award Nobel prizes)

Biomat FDA 510(k) medical device approval

Biomat testing and certifications

IEC 60601-1
medical electrical equipment

Biomat anti-bacterial test

Biomat Professional & Single CSA certification