How to use your Biomat

Setting up your Richway Biomat 7000MX

Your first Biomat sessions

When you first receive your Biomat 7000MX, it is important to start using at a low setting to figure out your heat comfort level. For your first few sessions, we recommend using your Biomat for between 15 minutes and one hour. This will allow your body to adjust to the heat and ensures you will be receptive to the healing and detoxifying benefits of the negative ions and far infrared heat.

Download the Biomat 7000MX user manual here

Place your Biomat on a solid, flat surface in a quiet area. The more tranquil the environment in which you have your Biomat sessions, the more healing they will be. You may wish to listen to some soft music and dim the lights. Try to plan ahead to ensure there is nothing that will disturb you during the session. Turn off your phone, place a do not disturb sign on your front door, let your family know what your needs are. It is important to drink plenty of water before and after your Biomat sessions. While it is not necessary, we recommend covering your body with a cotton sheet or blanket during your Biomat session.

If you are a new Biomat user, always begin slowly with short 15- to 30-minute sessions on lower heat settings. We recommend starting with the lights on the green or lower gold setting. These lower temperatures are also great for longer sessions, napping or sleeping throughout the night. When you start using your Biomat, you may experience changes or notice differences in how you feel throughout the day and starting slowly will give your body time to adapt.

Many athletes find that the gentle heat provided on the lower temperature settings are effective for flexibility training and recovery from training. It is also helpful in improving cardiovascular and respiratory function, regulating sugar and blood pressure, easing menstrual symptoms, and balancing and restoring youthful hormones.

Starting with short, soothing sessions will allow your body to adjust. It will also give you time to figure out what you want to get out of your Biomat sessions and how you can best achieve those results. You may wish to combine Biomat therapy with meditation and mindfulness to enhance the benefits to your body, mind, and spirit.

As you begin using your Biomat regularly, you will feel changes in your body and energy. You might feel that you have more energy than usual. Or you may find you have a desire to nap more often. Don’t worry, this is completely normal and as your body becomes accustomed to the Biomat treatments and your systems become balanced, your energy will balance out. Some of the reason for these changes is that Biomat encourages your body to detoxify. It helps to cleanse your cells by encouraging the release of toxins and heavy metals. If you feel overwhelmed by the changes you feel, just use your Biomat at lower temperatures for shorter times. You may also wish to try using it less often at first. As you begin to feel more balanced, you can try increasing the time and temperature a little at a time.

Using your Biomat controller

Your Biomat controller has easy to use buttons to turn it off and on and to adjust the temperature. The Biomat 7000MX has the most advanced IC chip; this technology helps to eliminate electromagnetic frequencies, protecting you as you use your Biomat. Instructions for use of your controller come with your Biomat. It is important for safety not to use a controller from a different model of Biomat with your Biomat 7000MX.

Your Biomat is safe to sleep on throughout the night on a low setting or even without power to enjoy the healing effects of the amethyst crystals. Use your Biomat on higher settings if you would like deeper treatment.

Longer Biomat sessions

Once you have had your Biomat for a while, slowly increase the length of your sessions and temperature settings. This will allow you to work toward deeper treatments for stronger therapy. Placing a blanket or sheet on top of your body while you enjoy your Biomat will help your body absorb more warmth from far infrared rays and negative ions. It will also help your body reach a sweating point to draw out toxins that are more deeply embedded.

The higher gold temperature settings generate deeper warmth that will penetrate your body from the inside out. This heat range is suitable for 10 to 90-minute sessions, and is effective for the relief of joint and muscle pain, easing stress and anxiety, and promoting deep relaxation. You may find you easily fall asleep while you are relaxing on your Biomat. If this happens, you`ll likely wake up naturally in a short time, but you may wish to set an alarm just in case.

The red settings offer deep heat that is ideal for 30-minutes to one hour sessions. This level of heat is similar to being in a sauna. It is ideal for cleansing and detoxifying your body. Expect to perspire at this heat. The red settings on your Biomat will promote healthy metabolism and natural weight loss, clear skin, enhance libido, and encourage healthy circulation of blood and lymphatic systems.

While you may not wish to use your Biomat on the highest temperature settings very often, many Biomat owners have told us that they enjoy the rich benefits of incorporating half-hour power sessions a few times a week into their regular therapeutic Biomat routine. The temperature of your Biomat is different from other heat sources and reaches up to six inches into your body’s core. This is why you will often feel warm long after you finish your Biomat session.

As with any health routine, you will experience optimal benefits if you use your Biomat regularly. Try to scheduled time in your day each day to build the habit of using your Biomat. Regular use will decrease stress, disease, and pain, and promote healing. Listen to your body and don’t feel you have to push yourself past your comfort zone. The results you will experience from your Biomat are accumulative; the low temperature can deliver similar results to the high settings You may wish to speak with your doctor if you have any concerns about how using the Biomat may impact you and any medical condition you might have.

Using your Biomat Mini

Using the Richway Biomat Mini is a straightforward process that can offer numerous health benefits. To get started, plug in the device and turn on the control panel. Select a heat level that is comfortable for you before laying or sitting on it. The Biomat Mini can be used on any flat surface, such as the floor or a massage table, or in a chair by resting it against the backrest or placing it on the seat pad. It is fine to bend the Biomat Mini when you are sitting on it. We recommend using your Biomat mini at least 30 minutes daily to enjoy maximum benefits such as increased circulation, improved mood, and reduced stress levels. Incorporate the Richway Biomat Mini into your daily routine for a more relaxed and healthier lifestyle.

Read also about Biomat contraindications and cautions. Always consult with your physician or primary care provider before use of a Biomat. Remember to stay hydrated while using the Biomat.

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