NMN Octa 3000™ – Richway’s Newest Product Now Available

NMN Octa 3000 nicotinamide mononucleotide

Richway & Fuji Bio is very excited to introduce a new product – NMN Octa 3000™.  This new product, NMN Octa 3000™, is a supplement to stimulate and give you more energy and physical activity, as well as tackle age-related health problems.

We’ve all been told that aging is unavoidable, but according to Dr. David Sinclair, that may not actually be true. Dr. David Sinclair has spent the last decade on the frontiers of anti-aging medicine, “Aging is simply a biological problem, and every problem has a solution.”

From Harvard Medical School’s Dr. David Sinclair’s book, Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To, NMN, or Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, plays an important role in protecting against numerous aging-related declines in health.

Dr. David Sinclair has discovered a couple of easy ways to “solve” this problem. “We can’t stop time. But just because we get older on a calendar, doesn’t mean our bodies have to grow old too. With just a few simple steps, you can start to rejuvenate your body on a cellular level, and actually help turn back the hands of time.”

We now have a quickly aging population group, and we believe we can help them get ahold of NMN, as well as reaping the health benefits of NMN. We strongly believe NMN is the strongest anti-aging supplement that currently exists.

We have invested a lot of time, money, and energy into the NMN Octa 3000™ because we can see that “anti-aging” products will become an up-and-coming industry in the future.

We have researched the market to see which are the best NMN products. Currently, the “best quality” NMN is Uthever (by Effepharm). Its price is around 100 times more expensive than generic brands of NMN. The difference between Uthever NMN and the cheaper NMN brands is that the molecules are much smaller in the Uthever brand, which will help being absorbed into the body more easily. Plus the Uthever NMN is able to be stored in various conditions and temperatures without losing efficacy versus generic brands that spoil under the same conditions.

Generic Brands of NMN are much cheaper to manufacturer, as well as containing filler like cellulose or brown rice flour. And people who take the generic brands do not realize how little NMN is in their items.

Richway has employed a medical research team, of 7 doctors and chemists, and designed a recipe which contains the following below:

1) Pterostilbene
2) Octacosanol
3) L-arginine
4) isoflavones
5) Lepidium meyenii (Maca)
As well as other supporting ingredients and herbs.

The product is called NMN Octa 3000™ because our NMN contains one key ingredient, Octacosanol, and we are confident to say the Richway NMN Octa 3000™ will become the best NMN product on the market.

NMN Octa 3000™ Pricing will be:
1 Pack : $120  
3 Pack : $280 

NMN Octa 3000™ will only be available to ship within the US.

There will be no shipping charge for regular orders and $20 to ship to Alaska, and $20 for shipping for PC orders, and $25 additional for expedited orders.

NMN Octa 3000™ has already been approved by the FDA, and we are currently trying to get approval to sell the NMN Octa 3000™ in other countries. Unfortunately, at this time, the NMN Octa 3000™ will only be available to ship within the US until further notice.

NMN Octa 3000™ is about helping others experience a Quality Life again. Aging is not simply a number, but we all understand that it is a stage of life that can make people feel weak or depressed. We want people to be able to dream about what it feels to be young again. Imagine being 60, or 70, but only feeling half your age.

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We are looking forward to Richway distributors having a great business opportunity with NMN Octa 3000™ and growing together.