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Orgone Biomat

Feel the Warmth | Feel the Comfort | Feel the Love

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Take your sleep to the next level

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Richway and Fuji Bio’s Biomat technology, patented in 1997, brings life-changing products into your home that are too good not to share. After trying their products for ourselves, we wanted to help others experience the warmth, deep relief and soothing health benefits that Biomat is famous for.

There is a reason that Biomat is so popular around the world. Some people use their Biomat for short sessions a couple of times a week, while others use it every single day. We heard from many loyal customers who said they wanted to enjoy the positive impacts of a Biomat overnight, but found they had difficulty sleeping on their regular mats. Richway listened the customer feedback and developed a luxurious solution - the Orgone Biomat.

Since Richway first introduced the Biomat in the 1990s, the technology has improved and allowed the company to create a more sophisticated and revolutionary mat that changes the way you sleep. The Orgone Biomat allows you to receive the full spectrum of benefits throughout the night.

The Orgone Biomat is the ultimate sleep solution. This luxurious mattress topper comes in various sizes to perfectly fit your bed. Place the Orgone Biomat on top of your bed, under the top sheet, and enjoy deep, rejuvenating, healing sleep that will change the way you experience your everyday.

Developed and engineered by Richway, the Orgone Biomat uses the same groundbreaking technology as the original Biomat. We know you’re going to love the way it makes you feel. Every mat is made with the highest quality materials, and you are guaranteed to wake up feeling refreshed and well rested.

Life with A Richway Orgone Biomat

Richway and Fuji Bio

After 20 years of research and development, we have designed a holistic concept for sleep that has never been done before.

  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Allergy safety treatment
  • Deodorization treatment

​1-855-3-BIOMAT | 1-855-324-6628

Take your sleep to the next level

Risk-free purchase with full refund
and free trial period.

Orgone Biomat
Unique Innovation in Bio Technology

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17 Layers of Technology

1. Microfiber cover (top)
2. Hiranya cotton cover layer
3. Waterproof layer
4. Bio Clay memory foam layer
5. Amethyst fabric for natural infrared
6. TOCA™ layer for natural negative ions
7. Nano Copper fabric layer for electromagnetic interception
8. Peach and Grape Seed fiber layer for heat preservation
9. Carbon Fiber layer for electromagnetic interception
10. Copper fabric layer for electromagnetic interception
11. Thermal preservation layer - Silicon and Teflon reverse currency heating layer with EMF interception
12. Nonwoven fabric layer
13. Aluminum layer for reflection of infrared rays - Nonwoven fabric layer for heatpreservation
14. Bio Clay memory foam layer
15. Thermal protection layer
16. Hiranya cotton cover layer
17. Microfiber cover (bottom)

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Orgone Biomat Safety System Controller Feature

Soft Touch Power Switch and Temperature/Timer Control

The Orgone Biomat™ 7000mx's control system has many useful functions for setting the temperature and timer, and it even has the most advanced I.C. chip to reduce electromagnetic waves.

1 - F.I.R. Indicator

Indicates when far infrared rays are on. Comes on when you set temperature. Light will turn off and the E.D.N.I. light flashes when the temperature is achieved.

2 - Alarm Light

This light will appear if there is any malfunction. If so, check connections to ensure they are secure. Contact the dealer if you are experiencing any issues.

3 - E.M.F. Interception Light (Electromagnetic Frequency)

This lights up to indicate the active reduction of harmful electromagnetic waves.

4 & 5 - Temperature Up and Down

Use this button to increase and decrease the temperature setting.

6 - Timer Control

This indicates the usage time before the Orgone Biomat™ turns off. Pressing the button will change the timer setting.

7 - Soft Touch Power Switch

Use this switch to turn the Orgone Biomat off and on.

8 - Temperature Indicator


8 - Temperature Indicator


Life with a Richway Orgone Biomat

The Orgone Biomat™ is a significant paradigm shift in sleep science and will vastly improve the way humans sleep. The entire family can benefit from this groundbreaking product.

What is an Orgone Biomat made of?

Gemstones are long known for their therapeutic and restorative properties. Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. has harnessed the power of amethysts to help deliver far infrared rays deep into your body’s core. Each Biomat is covered with a natural amethyst gemstone fabric that evenly distributes amethyst’s healing energy right where it’s needed most.

Orgone Biomat Materials

Orgone Biomat Cover


The Orgone Biomat comes with a plush, luxurious microfiber cover. The soft fabric is incredibly easy to spot clean. And best of all? It is extremely hygienic. Dust mites are completely unable to survive in it, and laboratory studies have shown that it inhibits the growth of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia.

Orgone Biomat Cushioning

Bio Clay Memory Foam

What makes the Orgone Biomat so deliciously comfortable to sleep on? Richway added a dense layer of their proprietary Bio Clay memory foam. The Bio Clay acts like the more conventional memory foam and offers back support to ensure you feel your very best in the morning. As an added bonus, this special layer contains ochre, which naturally contains anti-microbial enzymes to actively help to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Orgone Biomat

The Power of Amethyst

The original Biomat is designed around amethyst’s healing properties, which is what makes the original technology so effective. Amethyst is a powerful source of far infrared.

Amethyst Fabric Layer

So when Richway was in the process of developing the Orgone Biomat they wanted to ensure that legacy was repeated in this brand new product. Using gemstone technology, Richway engineers have been able to infuse the fabric of the Orgone Biomat with real amethysts. Whereas the original Biomat has a heavy layer of chunky amethysts along the top layer, the Orgone Biomat has a delicate layer of microencapsulated amethysts throughout - which means that you get the same rich benefits built right into a comfortable, luxurious fabric.

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Tourmaline has long been celebrated for its ability to generate and emit far infrared and negative ions. Monazite works to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins. Combined together into one layer of the Orgone Biomat, these powdered gems increase the output of negative ions and infrared energy, delivering the healing properties deep into your body as you rest. Similar to what is found in nature, the increased level of negative ions will help you achieve more restful sleep on the Orgone Biomat than you have ever experienced before.

Nano Copper Fabric Layer

Traditional heating pads have been well documented to emit harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). These EMFs can block your body’s natural healing process and lead to harmful side effects such as headaches, nausea, anxiety and fatigue. The Orgone Biomat is carefully engineered to sandwich the gemstones layers with three layers of Richway’s patented Nano Copper fabric. This fabric helps to block the low levels of EMFs that are generated by the Orgone Biomat - making it safe to use even for those with EMF sensitivity. Combined with an EMF interceptor, the Copper and carbon fiber layers protect you from the harmful effects of EMFs.

Peach and Grape Seed Fiber Layer

No other heating pad will deliver the healing benefits of far infrared energy like the Orgone Biomat. This is thanks in part to the unique fibre layer of peach pit and grapeseed. This layer increases the softness of the mat, and helps it quickly reach - and stay - at the optimal temperature.

Richway Orgone Biomat Products

State-of-the-art sleep technology

King Orgone Biomat

​Includes: Orgone Biomat, controller, bag 

Orgone Biomat King Size: 1800 x 2000 mm / 70.87" x 78.76"
Net Weight: 20 kg / 44.09 lbs. without controller
Electric Consumption: 360 W
Voltage: AC 120
Performance Temperature: 35-70°C / 95-158°F

Price: $2080 + $160 S/H

Queen Orgone Biomat

​Includes: Orgone Biomat, controller, bag 

Orgone Biomat Queen Size: 1500 x 2000 mm / 59.05" x 78.76"
Net Weight: 15 kg / 33.06 lbs. without controller
Electric Consumption: 360 W
Voltage: AC 120
Performance Temperature: 35-70°C / 95-158°F

Price: $1580 + $130 S/H

Single Orgone Biomat

​Includes: Orgone Biomat, controller, bag 

Orgone Biomat Single Size: TBA
Net Weight: TBA
Electric Consumption: 360 W
Voltage: AC 120
Performance Temperature 35-70°C / 95-158°F

Price: TBA

Orgone Biomat Hiranya Sheet

​Includes: Orgone Biomat Hiryana sheet

Orgone Biomat King Size: 1800 x 2000 mm / 70.87" x 78.76"
Net Weight: 1.2 kg / 2.64 lbs.
Orgone Biomat Queen Size: 1500 x 2000 mm / 59.05" x 78.76"
Net Weight: 0.92 kg / 2.02 lbs.

100% Cotton. Antibacterial, antifungal and deodorization treated, allergy safe.

Biomat Aroma Stand

​Includes: Aroma stand, lavender oil (30ml)

Size: 340 x 340 x 825 mm 13.38" x 13.38" x 32.48"
Net Weight 2.5 kg / 5.51 lbs.

The Biomat Aroma Stand™ provides the soothing scent of lavender to help you fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

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Sleep will change forever!
Richway Orgone Biomat

The future of sleep technology

Risk-free purchase with full refund and free trial period.

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Orgone Biomat Aroma Stand

The Orgone Biomat Aroma Stand delivers the relaxing scent of lavender to ease you into sleep so that you wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.