BioBelt Infrared Belt


Wear the Biobelt at work, for warmth at home, or even while you are relaxing in the living room. Using the same NASA technology as larger Biomat products, the Biobelt produces gentle, soothing heat and heals with the same negative ion and far infrared therapy. In addition to the amethyst and tourmaline found in the larger Biomats, the Biobelt also contains green jade, crystal, citrine, topaz, tiger’s eye, and elvan. The Biobelt fits comfortably around the waist and is perfect for easing stomach aches, and soothing chronic or acute back pain. Or lie it flat for a smaller back treatment or simply use it to warm your feet.

Regular Size: Can accommodate sizes up 54 inches (approximately 26 inch adjustable Velcro strap).

Large size: Can accommodate up to 76 inches.

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Biobelt 7000mx

Many of our customers have wondered how they can make time for lengthy Biomat sessions they know will benefit from, but they just simply do not have the time or the space for a Biomat in their life. Biobelt is an easy solution for those living in a small space, or those who are always on the go. It is designed to wear comfortably around the waist and contains the same health-giving amethyst as larger Biomat products.

Patented healing technology

Tourmaline and amethyst, found in all other Biomat products generate negative ions. Negative ions are found in nature – moving water like the ocean, rivers and waterfalls. When we are out in nature surrounded by negative ions, we are often overcome by a feeling of calm. Because the Biobelt generates negative ions, each session will help you feel grounded and at ease with each session.
Biobelt also generates far infrared rays that, when introduced to the body, are completely safe and help to boost your body’s various systems. People who use Biomats consistently report increased immunity and energy, more balanced mood and sleep patterns, as well as a range of other health benefits.

BioBelt 7000mx Certifications

U.S.F U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) CANADA AND USA ELECTRICAL SAFETY
KOREA MFDS (Korea Medical Device)
KOREAN ELECTRICAL SAFETY Number. PRO- HH07148S-13002A/ MINl-HH07148S-13001A
JAPAN FDA Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare approved medical devices (BG10300403)
GMP approved manufacturer (No. 3965)
ISO 9001:2008 Certification (KQC-4506) ISO 14001:2004 Certification (KEC-1167)
ISO 13485:2012 Certification (M-0318114)
Chinese Manufacture Certification HOUSA1-20141771 (GB4706.1-2005)

Mat Size

REG: 55.11″ x 8.26″
XL: 62.99″ x 8.26″
Infrared ray heating pad: 18.11″x 8.26″

Biobelt 7000mx Parts

Power: AC 120V (50/60Hz)
Power Consumption: 50W
Max. Temperature: 149F/65C
The thermostat is built into the controller and belt.

Additional information

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Large – up to 76", Standard – Up to 54"