Biomat Aroma Stand


The Biomat Aroma Stand is a stand designed for your Biomat controller. It is convenient, lightweight and modern looking. Each stand includes a 30ml bottle of lavender aroma oil.

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The Biomat aroma stand is strong but easy to move around. The stand makes it convenient to position your Biomat controller without using up space on your bedside table. The Biomat aroma stand works with the Biomat Professional, Single, Queen, and King Biomat 70000MX and Orgone Biomat controllers.

Calm your sense with our Lavander Oil

Use the included Lavender Oil or apply your favorite scented oils onto the Biomat Aroma Stand’s diffuser pads.

*Each stand comes with 30ml bottle. Aroma Oil is not an essential oil.

Set the 7000MX Biomat Controller to clear counter space and adjust the mat’s temperature


Weight 5.51 lbs 2.5 kg
Dimensions 13.38 × 13.38 × 32.48 in
Height 32.48 inches
Width 13.38 inches
Shipping Weight/Dimensions 12 lbs 35″ x 16″ x 16″
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