Germanium Power Pad 187 (Biomat Waterproof Cover)


Secure your wellness investment with the Richway Germanium 187 Power Pad Biomat waterproof cover. Engineered with Germanium 187, it ensures waterproof protection and emits potent far-infrared rays. Crafted from 100% cotton for comfort, it’s your key to preserving and extending the life of your Biomat.


The Germanium Power Pad is the newest addition to Richway’s lineup of Biomat accessories. The Germanium Power Pad is the ultimate, high-quality waterproof cover made with germanium that offers additional pain relief properties to help soothe and heal sore muscles and joints. This useful Biomat accessory is compatible with the Biomat Professional medical device, which is filled with amethyst crystals that emit infrared light for a therapeutic and relaxing experience.

The Germanium Power Pad promotes endorphin production

Germanium promotes the production of endorphins. Germanium acts as a catalyst for oxygen binding in the human body, reducing the oxygen demand of the cells and promoting the production of endorphins, a natural remedy for the human body. Recovery from fatigue is quick, and the mind is cleared, which makes you feel refreshed. Germanium is a detoxifying agent that removes toxic substances by combining toxic substances with oxygen. The chemical properties of germanium include highly oxidizing oxygen atoms. It is excellent in detoxifying heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, and others.

GERMANIUM POWER PAD 187 AND  HEAT: Germanium thermal emissions and wavelengths

When heat is applied to germanium, large amounts of germanium emissions and wavelengths are dispersed. When this occurs, germanium ion particles penetrate into the body and perform various beneficial functions. Germanium simultaneously releases large amounts of far-infrared radiation (FIR),  and emits negative ions and penetrates the skin exclusively when heated. When germanium ions come into contact with human skin, the ions penetrate into the skin along with far-infrared rays. It penetrates the subcutaneous tissue and capillaries, activates the electrons in the blood, cleanses the blood and makes the blood alkaline. It relieves symptoms such as muscle cramping, fatigue, pain, etc., and neutralizes fatigue substances, increasing natural healing power.

GERMANIUM POWER PAD 187: Maximum thermal resonance effect

Germanium naturally emits far-infrared rays and negative ions. This allows for good blood circulation and eliminates minor pain. It also activates immune cells and prevents cell ageing by supplying oxygen into cells. In addition, germanium’s far-infrared rays have the effect of releasing heavy metals from the body. This effect also aids in relieving arthritis and headaches. 

 Far infrared rays are composed of radiant and wave energy. When radiant energy is high and wave energy is low, there will be high heat generation, but penetration into the body is weak. Lab processed gemstones and ceramics can increase the amount of radiant energy, but wave energy is reduced, so far infrared rays cannot penetrate deep into the body. All high-quality products use natural gemstones and ceramics instead of processed crystals and ceramics to avoid low wave energy output. Germanium’s wave energy is more than 0.4 microns, and its wavelength is about 2000-3000 times per minute. Germanium’s far infrared rays with this large wave energy penetrate deep into the human body, and increase circulation.


When heat is applied to germanium oxide (GeO2), a large amount of germanium’s radiant heat and far-infrared rays are emitted. This generates ion particles of inorganic germanium. This pharmacological action is excellent for the body. Particularly, the ion particles of inorganic germanium promote oxygen supply to cells and compensate for oxygen deficiency. These ion particles also aid in purification and circulation of blood by reaching into the capillaries and moving electrons in the blood. In addition, it discharges the flow of excess electrons to avoid various pains, promote metabolism and bioactivation, and strengthen the body’s natural healing power. Inorganic germanium acts pharmacologically in the body up to 24 to 48 hours, after which time it is completely excreted in the form of sweat and urine. Toxins, heavy metals and wastes from the body are carried out through these processes. 

What is Germanium?

Germanium is a lustrous, hard-brittle, grayish-white metalloid in the carbon group, chemically similar to silicon and tin. Pure germanium is a semiconductor with an appearance similar to elemental silicon.

  • Symbol: ge
  • ATOMIC MASS: 72.64 u
  • DENSITY: 5.323 g/cm³
  • ELECTRON CONFIGURATION: [ar] 3d104s24p2
  • DID YOU KNOW: germanium forms a large number of organometallic compounds and is an important semiconductor material used in transistors.


Germanium’s greatest feature is that its electrical properties are semiconductors with intermediate properties between metals and nonmetals. This feature of germanium is the reason it is referred to as a miracle substance that has the potential to treat various diseases of the human body. Germanium has four electrons that move freely in its atomic structure. When its temperature rises, it releases electrons and an abundance of negative ions. These anions keep the body’s pH level in balance – improving natural immunity. Germanium promotes the secretion of interferon. Interferon is an antiviral substance found by Dr. Isaacs and Lindemann in England in 1957. It plays an important role in our immune system. When heat is applied to germanium, it improves the activity of NK cells, T cells, etc., and helps the body’s immune activity.




  1. 100% Cotton Layer
  2. Waterproof Silicon Layer
  3. 1st Germanium Layer
  4. Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Odor Layer
  5. 2nd Germanium Layer

Given Biomat prices, it is wise to protect your investment and extend its lifespan. The Germanium Power Pad offers added protection and benefits to enhance your Biomat experience.

Made with high-quality germanium, this upgraded waterproof cover offers additional benefits to soothe and heal sore muscles and joints and relieve minor muscular back pain. It also keeps your Biomat safe from spills or damage. Upgrade to the Germanium Power Pad and get the full benefits of your Biomat.


KING GERMANIUM POWER PAD 187™ 74″ x 80″ / 4 lbs.
QUEEN GERMANIUM POWER PAD 187™ 56″ x 79″ / 3 lbs.
SINGLE GERMANIUM POWER PAD 187™ 40″ x 79″ / 3 lbs.
MINI GERMANIUM POWER PAD 187™ 20.5” x 34” / 1 lb.