Orgone Biomat

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**The Orgone Biomat has been discontinued by Richway and is no longer available**

The Richway Orgone Biomat is a new type of infrared Biomat that can be used in your bed. It is a comfortable and luxurious mattress topper that helps you heal while you sleep. The Orgone Biomat offers all of the technology and innovation that the original Biomat provides including infrared and negative ion therapy. Wake up refreshed and restored

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**The Orgone Biomat has been discontinued by Richway and is no longer available**

The technology in the Orgone Biomat is similar to the original Richway amethyst Biomat. Because some customers found the Amethyst Biomat not comfortable for a full night’s sleep, the original technology was adapted to make a comfortable and luxurious mattress topper. The engineering and underlying technology are very similar. Like the amethyst Biomat, the Orgone Biomat produces infrared and negative ions while emitting no harmful electromagnetic fields.

The Orgone Biomat has several additional technologies that make it the best infrared sleeping product on the market. The Orgone Biomat uses a 3D mesh that behaves like memory foam. It is made with a Bioclay memory foam, peach seed extracts, and grape seed extracts. Unlike traditional petrochemical memory foam, this natural memory foam produces no harmful chemicals that off-gas. The memory foam was specifically developed to allow the efficient transmission of the infrared rays and negative ions produced by Biomat technology.

The microfiber cover is a special type of breathable and natural anti-microbial bedding. Natural treatments like nano-silver and specially designed dust mite resistant microfibers make the Orgone Biomat a healthy and natural choice.

Includes: Orgone Biomat, controller, storage bag