Quantum Energy Pad

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The Quantum Energy pad will take your Biomat experience to the next level. It is designed with optimal comfort in mind, while still allowing the Biomat’s healing far infrared rays and negative ions to pass through to your body. The natural bio-clay infused foam comfortably distributes your body’s weight and eases pressure points. Whether you are using your Biomat for short daytime sessions or longer overnight sessions, try the Quantum Energy pad for enhanced comfort.



Sleep like you’ve never slept before

Richway’s Biomat has been available for purchase for over 20 years. Over that time, Richway has worked hard to refine their products to ensure that when you purchase their product, you receive the most effective, safe, and health-enhancing medical devices available.

Now the Quantum Energy pad takes the Biomat experience to a whole new level of comfort. The Quantum Energy pad’s unique bio-clay infused foam is comprised of raw materials like peach and grape seed – both environmentally friendly materials that enhance your body’s natural functions.

In addition to the natural bio-clay foam, the Quantum Energy pad contains a layer of tourmaline. This additional layer helps to transmit and amplify your Biomat’s far infrared rays through to your body, promoting a healthy circulatory system and boosting your natural immunity.

Cleans your environment

The Quantum Energy pad works to deodorize with a built-in antibacterial function. As you use your Biomat, the Quantum Energy pad reduces exposure to harmful gasses in your environment, such as ammonia and formaldehyde. For those with compromised immune systems, the pad is especially helpful as it reduces these environmental toxins by as much as 99.9%.

Healthy sleep

The Quantum Energy pad comes with a plush microfiber fabric that helps to retain the health-giving heat of your Biomat. This fabric is hypoallergenic so you and your loved ones do not have to worry about exposure to harmful dyes that are present in most conventional fabrics.

The Quantum Energy pad’s case is topped with plush microfiber, while the bottom is a high-quality mesh to ensure optimal airflow. This will both assist the Biomat’s far infrared rays to reach deep into your body, as well as ensuring ample airflow to keep the pad in optimal condition.

The cover is easy to remove from the Quantum Energy pad so that you can wash it in any household washing machine. Follow washing instructions and line dry.

Better brain health

One of the benefits we most love about adding the Quantum Energy pad to your Biomat routine is the modulation of Beta waves. Beta waves have been shown to increase when you feel stressed or tired, whereas Alpha waves tend to have the opposite effect and help you relax and sleep deeply. Regular use of your Biomat paired with the Quantum Energy pad will help you wake up feeling more refreshed, resilient, and ready to start the day.

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King Size Quantum Energy Pad, Professional Size Quantum Energy Pad, Queen Size Quantum Energy Pad, Single Quantum Energy Pad


Quantum Energy Pad Weight & Dimensions:
King: 15.87 lbs / 70.87” x 78.76″ | 180 x 200 cm / 7.2kg
Queen: 13.22 lbs / 59.05″ x 78.76″ | 150 x 200 cm / 6kg
Single: 8.15 lbs / 39.38” x 78.76” x | 100 x 200cm / 3.7 kg
Professional: 6.17 lbs / 27.56” x 72.84” | 70 x 185 cm / 2.8 kg

The peach pit and grape seed extracts include more than 18 types of specific substances, and the types are as follows:
Phosphoserine (cas 407-41-0)
Phosphorylethanolamine (cas 1071-23-4)
Aspartic Acid (cas 56-84-8)
Theanine (cas 3081-61-6)
Serine (cas 56-45-1)
Glutamic Acid (cas 56-86-0)
A-aminoadipic Acid (cas 542-32-5)
Glycine (cas 56-40-6)
Alanine (cas 56-41-7)
Citrulline (372-75-8)
A-amino-n-butyric Acid (80-60-4)
Valine (cas 72-18-4)
Methionine (cas 63-68-3)
Leucine (cas 61-90-5)
Ethanolamine (cas 141-43-5)
Ammonia (cas 7664-41-7)
Lysine (cas 70-54-2)
Histidine (cas 71-00-1)
These 18 types of special substances produce negative ions, so they play a role in returning the voltage in the cell membrane to normal.

Once the voltage in a cell becomes stabilized, the cell spontaneously induces detoxification while a nerve cell ceases the delivery of the pain signal, alleviating the pain in the human body.

These 18 types of elements are organic compounds made from plant seeds which enhance far infrared light.


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