Richway Detoxi Bamboo Salt


Detoxi bamboo salt is processed under extremely high heat for over 300 hours, a process that produces a detoxifying product with none of the harmful effects of salt. Before each Biomat session, we recommend taking one pack of Detoxi dissolved in a glass of water. This simple step is effective in helping to reduce the levels of toxins in your body at an even faster rate than using the Biomat alone.

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Safely take Detoxi bamboo salt with other health supplements. Detoxi salt may increase the rate at which your body can absorb supplements and nutrients by up to ten times. However, please consult your physician to ensure no contraindications occur.

Harness the healing of salt

Detoxi bamboo salt is created by mimicking the ancient process of superheating salt to thousands of degrees for hundreds of hours. This process was used by Korean doctors and Buddhist monks to amplify the salt’s healing powers, and bring good health and vitality to those who used it.
Detoxi salt is produced by heating to temperatures of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit for 300 hours. The resulting product is pure and filled with health-giving minerals and nutrients that are easily accessible to your body.

What Happens When You Take Detoxi Before A Hot Biomat Treatment?

Detoxi will prevent dehydration during thermotherapy, and assists in discharging toxins through sweat and urine. In addition, the necessary salinity of the human body is adjusted, making sure that abundant amounts of electrolytes do not escape the body during heat therapy.

The amethyst far infrared rays of the Biomat permeate deeply into the body, discharging lots of sweat. Therefore it is important to drink lots of water before heat therapy, and by using a bit of Detoxi salt in the water you maximize the benefits of the heat therapy.


The health benefits of Detoxi bamboo salt are many and varied. Many of our satisfied customers have reported feeling more energetic, a result of the body ridding itself of toxins.

How is Detoxi better than salt?

It seems counter-intuitive that Detoxi salt should have none of the harmful properties of regular salt. However, the electrical decomposition used in the production of conventional salt results in high levels of heavy metals and toxins. Not only does regular salt offer not nutritional value, it disrupts the body’s healthy pH balance and regular use can lead to unhealthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels, as well as leaving behind increased levels of toxins.

Detoxi bamboo salt is high in chloride and contains 22 healthful elements. This pure salt will work to reverse the effects of conventional salt, as well as the effects of day-to-day life.

Detoxi bamboo salt will help to balance your body’s pH levels, bringing your body into an alkaline state. When you achieve a healthy pH, you are likely to notice improved immunity.

Comparison Between Detoxi Vs Ordinary Salt

Salt is not merely a seasoning, but a necessary nutrient.  Long term inadequate salt intake can cause general body weakness, dizziness, edema, muscle spasm, dehydration, and heart problems, amongst other problems that are medically related to salt depletion.  Prevent salt depletion by understanding the difference between Detoxi and ordinary salt.

Ordinary fine salt Detoxi 300 hrs salt
Processing Electrolysis Heated for 300 hours at 2000°F.
Content Sodium chloride with 99.5% purity Low natrium and high chloride. Natural product containing nutrients and 22 trace elements.
pH level Acidity pH 6.3 Strong alkalinity pH 7.5
Taste Strong salt taste Weak salt taste


Product Detoxi 300 hrs
Packet 2 grams (a heaping 1/2 teaspoon)
Bottle 246 grams