We regret to inform you that the Quantum Energy Pad is temporarily out of production. The Quantum Energy Pad will hopefully be reintroduced in the future. There is no estimated date that it will be reintroduced.

The Quantum Energy Pad is made of extremely high quality organic and inorganic materials. This combination is unique to the Richway Quantum Energy Pad and is what enables it’s unique beneficial properties. Unfortunately, due to the current global situation, production and delivery systems around the world have been affected. Extremely high-quality textiles and resources with a high manual labor cost have been particularly hard hit by reduced manpower due to social distancing requirements in all phases of harvesting and production.

Richway & Fuji Bio only creates the Best Medical and Wellness equipment available. Because of that, we refuse to compromise on the integrity or quality of the products that you Trust in and love. For this reason and the current difficulty in acquiring only the best source materials, we regret to inform you that the Quantum Energy Pad will no longer be produced at this time. As high-quality textile production returns to normal we will revisit the feasibility or producing the Quantum Energy Pad at a future date.”

The Biomat Shop is introducing special wool covers that are manufactured specifically to fit biomat products. Please call us for quote. They will be added to the website soon.




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