Richway SF10 Serum with Penellagen


Harness the power of biotechnology for enhanced skin health. Richway’s SF10™ Serum integrates Hydrolyzed Starfish Extract with advanced Liposome encapsulation for revolutionary delivery of active ingredients to the dermis layer. With SF10™ Serum, experience the fusion of superior hydration, skin firming, and natural radiance in a bottle designed for those who prioritize state-of-the-art skincare solutions.

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Richway SF10™ Premium Serum
– The Apex of Skincare Innovation

Step into the future of skincare with Richway SF10™ Premium Serum, a scientific breakthrough in skin rejuvenation. This sophisticated 25ml formula goes beyond traditional skincare, delivering results that mirror the profound advancements in biotechnology.

Each application unfurls a tapestry of benefits, supporting your skin’s resilience, hydration, and natural radiance from within.

Comprehensive Formulation
for Maximum Efficacy

With an ensemble of 53 revolutionary ingredients, the SF10™ Premium Serum harnesses the healing power of nature and science. From the soothing properties of Viola Odorata Leaf and Stevia Leaf Extracts to the deep nourishment of Chlorella Vulgaris, this serum boasts a rich array of skin essentials. The revolutionary Hydrolyzed Starfish Extract coupled with Liposome encapsulation ensures effective penetration and rejuvenation of the skin cells.

Cutting-Edge Science for Skin Vitality

SF10 leverages contemporary biotechnology not just for superficial improvement but to fundamentally support lasting skin health from within. Our aim is to deploy the best of science to unlock the skin’s true potential.

Advanced Liposome Delivery
for Targeted Action

Through our advanced Liposome Technology, the serum’s nutrients can penetrate deeply into the skin, unlike regular collagen skincare products which often fail to be absorbed effectively. Most collagen molecules are too large to bypass the outermost skin barrier, so they typically only hydrate the surface layers. Our liposomes encapsulate and transport key ingredients down to the deeper dermal layer, where they can nourish and rejuvenate the skin at a foundational level. This precision delivery system allows every nutrient to reach its intended destination and achieve maximum skincare efficacy. By fundamentally enhancing skin health and not just superficial appearance, our serum aims to redefine what effective skincare truly means.

Revitalizing Deep Dive:
Starfish Collagen

Starfish collagen is a true marvel in skincare innovation. Engineered to tap into the skin’s deeper layers, it excels where ordinary collagen falls short. Rich in potent elements crucial for skin improvement, it supports enhanced elasticity, superior hydration, and a noticeable reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. The science behind it? A unique ability to form sophisticated structures at body temperature, enabling it to bind effectively within the skin. With starfish collagen, experience the regenerative power of the ocean—in each application, it works in sync with your skin’s biology to foster a more youthful and vibrant canvas.

Eco-Conscious Skincare: Balancing Ecosystems with Starfish Collagen

In our commitment to eco-conscious skincare, we leverage the overpopulation of certain starfish species to our advantage—harvesting them sustainably can actually help maintain the equilibrium of marine life. These areas benefit from the careful removal of excess starfish which, in turn, helps protect coral reefs and other sea inhabitants. By utilizing starfish collagen from overpopulated areas, we’re contributing to the well-being of ocean ecosystems while providing you with a product that upholds the highest standards of environmental responsibility. Choosing our serum means embracing a solution that cares for your skin and the planet, striking a balance with nature that is both conscious and constructive.

The Foundation of Firmness and Flexibility

Elastin is the unsung hero of the skin’s resilience, a protein that ensures your skin can stretch and recover with ease.
Found in connective tissues, it’s the perfect partner to collagen, providing the snapback associated with youthful skin.
As we age, our natural elastin production diminishes, but with Richway SF10™, we infuse your skin care with elastin to help offset this decline, aiding in the skin’s flexibility and helping to fend off the sagging and wrinkles that come with time.

Deep Hydration Meets Skin Restoration

Meet squalene: a powerhouse of hydration and repair. This naturally occurring compound is a stellar match for your skin’s own lipids. When squalene is part of your skincare regimen, it acts like a moisture magnet, locking in hydration for long-lasting softness and preventing dryness. But it doesn’t stop there—squalene also helps rejuvenate your skin, smoothing out scars and fine lines to reveal a more even texture. With Richway SF10™, you’re not just enjoying deep hydration; you’re also giving your skin a fighting chance to repair and regenerate, day and night.

Advanced Bio Light 7000 LED Therapy System

Bio Light 7000: The Perfect Companion to Penellagen

Elevate your Richway SF10™ experience with the Bio Light 7000—a state-of-the-art LED light therapy device. It’s designed to complement the serum, amplifying its benefits with the power of photobiomodulation.

Gentle yet effective, the Bio Light 7000 emits specific wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin, energizing cells and fostering natural repair processes. Regular use after applying our serum encourages collagen and elastin synthesis, giving your skin the energy boost it needs for recovery, growth, and regeneration.

Together, the SF10™ serum and the Bio Light 7000 are your duo for superior skin vitality and resilience, working in harmony to ensure your skin gets the most out of every application


An Unrivaled Skincare Experience

Richway SF10™ does more than care for the skin—it reinvents the skincare experience with each drop. It’s not simply about looking better; it’s about ushering in a new era of skin health through exceptional scientific achievement and meticulously sourced ingredients.

The Richway SF10™ Premium Serum isn’t just another addition to your skincare routine. It’s a pioneering leap towards the ultimate in skin health and scientific wonderment—designed for those ready to embrace the extraordinary.