BioMat Amethyst Pillow


We recommend purchasing a Biomat pillow for use with any Biomat. The Biomat pillow has a layer of tourmaline and amethyst crystals that work to keep your head and and brain cool while your body undergoes the soothing heat treatment of the biomat.

While the Biomat pillow does not come with the purchase of a Biomat, it has been our experience – and that of many of our customers – that the pillow greatly enhances the overall Biomat experience.


The Biomat pillow is contoured to gently hold your head and neck in a comfortable – and safe position. Many of our happy Biomat customers have reported that that experience a decrease in long standing neck pains and headaches simply from using the Biomat pillow! This is because the pillow is designed to keep the spinal column in a secure and healthy position.

Amethyst and tourmaline are renowned for their healing benefits. That is why the Biomat pillow is lined with these two precious stones. Not only do they help to increase comfort and keep your head cool during Biomat sessions, these crystals also increase the benefit of your Biomat session by extending the healing to the very

Benefits of Biomat

We have happy customers from around the world who have shared stories of increased health and vitality after only a short time with their new Biomat. Biomat has been shown to increase circulation while decreasing inflammation, regulate sleep patterns, boost immunity, and improve overall feelings of wellbeing and happiness.

Built to support

Using a Biomat pillow during Biomat sessions will help to increase the benefit you receive from this far infrared and negative ion therapy, while keeping your head cool, and your neck and head at a comfortable and safe position.

Healing at home

The Biomat pillow is an FDA Registered Class II Medical Device. As such, it may be eligible for coverage by your third party or extended health insurance provider.
Many of our customers enjoy so much benefit from the Biomat Pillow that they use it every night as their regular pillow. Use the pillow while you enjoy a therapeutic Biomat session or keep your head and neck properly aligned while you enjoy deeper and more restorative sleep at night.
Biomat pillow dimensions are 19”x12”x4.3”.

Additional information

Weight5.51 lbs
Dimensions11.81 × 19.09 × 4.13 in